Tuesday, 4 September 2012

It is now Sunday here and I have moved from staying with our family friend's near UBC to the student share house in Mt Pleasant. The house is quite cosy, but nice. I am sharing a room with a French girl, Charlotte who arrived this morning. The plus side of sharing a room is we have our own bathroom seperate from the rest of the house which is good. Living in Mt Pleasant is going to be so much easier for accessibility to public transport. Last night I took the bus into Downtown which only took 15 minutes, as opposed to over an hour where I was staying before. It will also be easier for me to get to uni from here as it is close to the sky train which goes straight to Richmond. Last night I met up with some international exchange students that I met at orientation on Tuesday. We went out for dinner to a burger place then had a drink at an Irish pub on Granville Street. Granville Street is one of the main nightclubbing areas in Vancouver, and this year the city council has blocked off the road from traffic to form a sort of arcade for the Summer time. It was interesting to see the centre of Vancouver alive on a Saturday night, however the area where the night clubs were seemed pretty similar to Perth, just on a larger scale. Tonight we are having a communal group dinner at the house, just to get to know everyone else and as a social thing before we all go back to uni on Tuesday. The house consists of Charlotte, my french room mate, a girl from Manchester, a couple from France and Spain, a guy from Scotland, another guy from France I think ( he hasn't moved in yet), Mell the house manager who is Canadian and me, the Aussie! Here are some photos I took the other day when walking around the waterfront area of Downtown

Cute house boat structures near Granville Island

False Creek

The view from Canada Place


Looking along the boardwalk @ Canada Place

Ps. Sorry this has only been posted on Tuesday, my computer was stuffing up!

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  1. Was there a ten second timer involved in the top photo! hehe (from Lydia)