Thursday, 20 September 2012

Birthdays, Ice pools and Parties

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last week! Uni has started to get pretty full on and weekends are filling up with activities (which is a good thing). Where I left off was Sunday night after doing the Grouse Grind, which left me tired for a couple of days and the 30 minute commute to uni is not very inspiring! However, the following Monday was Charlotte's birthday so we had a house dinner. I made a cake which said "Joyeaux Annivesaire Charlotte xo" which means Happy Birthday in French. 

On Friday, Charlotte, Flora, Rebecca and I went to Lynn Canyon, which is about an hour and a half public transport journey from home. A bus, then the Seabus and then another bus. The journey is worth it however. It is a National Park and entry is free (unlike the much hyped about Capilano suspension bridge) . There is a natural pool and the water was freeeeeezing!! Literally melted ice off the mountain behind. However, we all got in!! Wouldn't say it was 'swimming', more just ducking under haha.

Saturday night we had our housewarming party. The theme was United Nations so everyone had to dress as a different country (not our own) and bring a bottle of alcohol from that destination. I went as South Africa, you can see in the photos there was a large range of costumes! The night was a success, which meant a big clean up on Sunday morning.

I have been pretty busy with uni this week so not much else has happened. My friend Jess from Perth arrived on Tuesday night. She has been travelling in the US for 3 months and will stay here for 2 weeks. Tomorrow we are going to Victoria for the weekend together which I am really looking forward to. Photos to follow!!

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  1. Hey Lucy, Can't believe you got in that water which looked lovely and clear, but freezing as you said. Really great you are getting out and about with your new friends, already in a month you have seen heaps! Do you pay for public transport anywhere you go?