Thursday, 6 September 2012

Home Sweet Home

I have been quite busy this week with uni, which is going well so far! Here are some pics of the house, there are so many cool details everywhere and the place has such a nice feel about it. You can see the mountains from the front porch! I have finished uni for the week and the weather is still really nice here so tomorrow I might ride around Stanley Park, and then try check out the local farmer's market on Saturday morning. Enjoy!

House pantry
Notice board!
Backyard with vegie patch
Front porch
View from front porch 
Other end of front porch

My end of the room

Photos displayed in my room


  1. The house looks gorgeous and just right for your stay! Lovely to have some vegies, what's growing in the garden?

  2. Hey,Haruknikoof. Thanks it is a pretty cool place. Are you an ECU student in Perth?

  3. Hi there, I'm also an ECU student and I'm planning on going to Kwantlen University for exchange next year. I just want know if you found it hard to find accommodation?