Thursday, 30 August 2012


Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. On Sunday I went out with my friend Lisa (who I worked with in Perth). She is from Vancouver, so knows her way around. Lisa took me into Downtown via driving through the UBC (University of British Columbia) area and then through the beach side neighbourhood of Kitsilano. Kitsilano has a very 'cool' feel to it, and I hope to return to have a look around. We walked through Downtown, around Canada Place (which I think it their convention centre). It is very touristy around that area because it is where all the cruise ships dock, sometimes just for a day. Therefore lots of tourists were taking photos of the view over the water. We then walked around to an area called Coal Harbour, which is very nice (large grass area with people relaxing and walking their dogs) and had lunch at a cafe on the water. After lunch we made our way through historic Gastown (which I think was the first settlement in Vancouver). There was lots of walking involved!! But it was good, as I got to see quite a bit of the waterfront Downtown area.

On Tuesday I had my orientation at Kwantlen University. It was a long day (8.30-5) and was pretty exhausting! However I did learn some important things about studying there. One interesting thing I didn't know is the university sits on Native Land; and therefore the name Kwantlen is native for "tireless runner". I think this is quite a good motto for success in study, and is maybe something I will think about in the last few weeks of semester when the assignments are piling up, and exams are on the horizon!! I met with the other exchange students (there is about 20-25 in total). I am the only Australian, the others are from a variety of countries; China, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia and lots of Europeans including students from Sweden, Germany, Finland, Britain and Austria (which they said people always mistake for Australia!!)

Not much else has happened this week, I am trying not to do much before uni starts next Tuesday as I am sure it will be pretty hectic start with. On Saturday I am moving into the student house in Mt Pleasant which is where I will stay for the rest of the semester, which is exciting!

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