Sunday, 26 August 2012

Vancouver Aquarium

Yesterday I went to the Vancouver Aquarium. It took over an hour to get there via public transport; walk, then bus, sky train, then another bus. However despite the travel time , the system here is pretty easy to use. It also gave me a chance to travel on the Canada Line (skytrain) which I will be using daily for uni and I also saw a glimpse of Downtown. The Vancouver Aquarium is located in Stanley Park, a large parkland area just out of the Downtown city area. It was a sunny Saturday, so the park was full of life with families having picnics, cyclists and people walking their dogs.

The Beluga show
To be honest, I don't know how I feel about aquariums...I realise it is a great place for entertainment and education, however it seems cruel keeping the larger animals (Sea Lions and Belugas in captivity). In saying that, I did watch the Beluga show (if you don't know what a Beluga is, they are those pure white whales from the Arctic) and it was quite informative and entertaining. The basis of the commentary for the show was that these animals live in Artic environments and we therefore should be looking after our whole planet sustainably (reduce waste, use less water, electricity etc.), because although these animals are really cute to look at, the reality of our modern lifestyles is that we are slowing destroying their habitat and therefore killing them...Sorry that kind of turned grim haha. But the point is, the show was actually quite educational. I guess that is why they are in an aquarium as opposed to a sea park, where the animals are expected to 'perform tricks'.

The aquarium has an emphasis on conservation and research.
These are all the sea lions they have rescued!


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