Sunday, 4 November 2012

Deep Cove

Today we went to Deep Cove, which took about an hour by bus. It is just east of the neighbourhood North Vancouver. The settlement of Deep Cove is very cute, and some are the houses are quite extravagant. Most of the houses are built into the mountain side overlooking the cove. In the summer months Deep Cove is popular for water sports; canoeing, kayaking etc. however there was nothing but rain today. I didn't mind it though, the colours of the landscape with mist covered mountains was quite spectacular. We walked around the streets a little, and walked the first bit of a hiking trail. However at 43km, we were well unprepared to complete the whole thing!! After exploring we went to the Honey cafe, which is famous for their homemade donuts. They were definitely the best donuts I have ever tasted which could be dangerous if I lived in Deep Cove!!

View from the town settlement

Mist over the mountains


More rain!
This house is built into the side of the mountain. To the left is a stream which leads from the waterfall above to the bay below. Very interesting house design!

Suburban Deep Cove street

Bit gloomy and mysterious. I can only imagine how nice it would be in Summer!

More houses on the mountain side
Start of the hike trail
The waterfall 

The town centre


Perfect for rainy weather; tea and homemade donuts!

This last photo isn't of Deep Cove, it's the view from our house at 5pm in the afternoon. Last night the clocks were turned back an hour marking the end of daylight savings. It will now get dark very early which is sad. 

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