Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I have experienced the good and perhaps uglier side of Vancouver. First, the good; it was reported in the newspaper yesterday that Vancouver experienced the driest August and September on record since 1896. Which means the sunny weather is continuing for now!

 Now to perhaps the uglier/weird side of Vancouver. I just witnessed two men making their way into our neighbour's backyard. The houses back onto a lane way and each have wooden gates. The fences separating the properties are pretty low so I could see what they were doing. In Vancouver you can get a refund for glass bottles and cans, so these two men were raiding the green bins of houses to find these items! I was sitting in the yard next door where they could clearly see me, but didn't seem to care. I am just glad they didn't come into my yard! As they walked off one of them said "hopefully this will get us enough (money) to buy a bud" (of weed). Haha oh Vancouver, how you continue to surprise me each day!


  1. in the 70's we used to underage drink in the parks, in the north shore, where I a from, and early every morning a 'wino', or retired person/s would be picking up any bottles they could find. As opposed to last weekend camping in the forest near Pemberton(West Aussie), a few cars of guys came in to the campground after dark, noisy and swearing till 3AM, had a campfire where they shouldn't have, and left broken bottles lying around. We used to leave the bottles for the 'winos'. Brian

  2. Yes, I agree that the culture here seems better in that regard. As I said, they guys saw me but didn't really care I was sitting right there. Hope Pemberton was good, I can see now how it could remind you of Canada after being here!