Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween Canadian Style

Even though Halloween isn't officially until Wednesday, it is nearly a month long celebration here (with shops stocking Halloween gear in late September). Last Friday I participated in the Kwantlen International students pumpkin carving competition. I was a little concerned about how difficult it might be (as I had never attempted to carve a pumpkin in Australia!), however it turned out to be easier than I thought. Below is me with the finished product...I think it looks like a 'Hitler' pumpkin

Me with the finished product!

Close up shot

The winner of the competition! So awesome! 

We put tea light candles in them and turned off the lights

They all looked so amazing lined up together

Mine in the dark, looks pretty evil! 

The whole group with our pumpkins

As I said before, everyone really gets into the spirit of Halloween here. Many shop fronts and houses get decorated (similar to how we decorate for Christmas back home). With the backdrop of Autumn coloured trees, the decorative pumpkins on the porches look really impressive! The following are some shots of houses around my neighbourhood which were decorated.

I saw this spray painted on the side of an old derelict house
surrounded my apartment complexes.
I thought it was a cool mix of Halloween with a political message.

Carved pumpkins on porches

Ghosts hanging from trees

On Saturday night everyone from the house went out to a Halloween party at a nearby nightclub. Everyone in the club was dressed up which was really cool. And the best part, the club was walking distance from our house so no taxi fare!

Charlotte, Ziyad and I
Flora and I looking evil
Seb, Me, Charlotte, Magali and Luis
Switch of costumes?!

  I will have to wait and see if we have any 'trick or treat' kids come to our house on Wednesday. Judging by how many people are into the festivities here, we might see a few! 

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